METAL DESIGN SAS have done wrought iron products for great projects in Europe and Africa:

- Great Mosque of Tuba, Senegal (the greatest Mosque in Senegal): 24 wrought iron garden gates model Chantilly (of whom two 600cm large and 450 cm heigh, 950 kg) and 900 meters of garden fences 145 cm heigh model Estelle

- Barnes International France - 93, Rue de Lauriston 75116 Paris : 1 big gate et all the fences for the building

- Hamilton Group / Domus - Bratislava / Slovakia - Rajska street : 30 wrought iron window fences parisian hausmannien style for this building

- Hôtel 4* Reis Vendôme (rue Daunou 75002 Paris) : a wrough iron garden gate specially desigh for this Hôtel

- Air France,  La Croix Valmer, France: 70 meters of wrought iron fences

- Hotel Secret de Paris, 4* Hotel, Paris, France: 30 meters of wrought iron fences for the five floors

- Hotel particulier Rue Legendre, Paris, France: exucution of 15 meters of wrought iron fences for balcony, parisian style, and 25 meters of modern fences with glass

- Divan du Monde (one of the main concert hall at Paris), France: execution of 20 meters of balcony fences model Marina

- Duarte company: execution of a garden gate 4m*2m Gaudi style, designed by our design department


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